Take Back Your Yard

Tick Check

Prevention is key; spray yourself and always do your tick checks.

Your yard should be your safe place.  Somewhere you can sit, play and relax; not a place you have to worry about ticks.  Make your yard as tick unfriendly as possible with these helpful tips so you can do just that.

Remember, prevention is key so lets make our yard as uncomfortable as possible for ticks so they will go elsewhere.

The ticks love questing on long grass so don't make your lawn attractive for them.  Keep it short all summer long (and don't forget the whipper snipper for the hard to reach parts).

The Lawn

Not only will they make your yard look nice, cedar mulch is also good for deterring ticks.  They hate the smell and texture (so long as it is dry) and will avoid these areas.

Cedar Chips

Lemongrass, chrysanthemums, lavender, garlic and mint are a few of the plants that we love and ticks hate.  Plant these in your garden between other plants to get those tick repelling scents wafting throughout your yard.

Plant tick-repelling plants

Ticks love moist, wooded areas which is motivation to keep your wood pile stacked neatly and in a sunny area.  A dry, properly stacked wood pile will encourage ticks to look elsewhere for a good place to live and quest. 

Keep it neat

Protect your yard with a deer proof fence.  Deer are cute and fun to watch but with their big bodies comes loads of ticks.  Deer can jump up to 8 feet high but can't jump both height and distance simultaneously.  Build your fence either at least 8 feet hight or build a 6' fence slanting outwards.

Deer Proof Fence

Tick removal...the right way

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The science update

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Tick Truths...

Female ticks lat 1500 to 3000 eggs at a time. 


Only 70-80% of people bitten by ticks will receieve the classic bullseye rash.  Click here for images of the rash.


Ticks are NOT insects!  They are actually arachnids, closer in relation to spiders than flies.


There about 850 tick species!  Luckily not all of these will transmit dangerous diseases.


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