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Ticks have a variety of natural predators including ants, spiders, and birds, however, they only periodically feed on ticks. In turn, these predators don't necessarily make a dent in the tick population and with ticks multiplying 1x1500-3000 at a time, it's no wonder they can't keep up.

Below are three predators in order of most effective to the least effective.

Guinea hens would be an ideal pet for ridding your yard of ticks.  Not just ticks, Guinea Hens will comb your yard and rid it of many tiny pests.  If you're neighbours are far away or have a high tolerance for sound, then Guinea hens are for you! 

Guinea Hen

Pro:  Ticks don't stand a chance.  Guinea hens will comb your yard and rid it of ticks.

Con: They are loud and know no boundaries.

Chickens can be great backyard pets.  Like any pet, they take time and care and they poop a lot!  But it's a fun way to keep the ticks at bay and give you eggs at the same time.  (A little more info)


Pros: Chickens can also give you eggs!

Cons: Rats and mice love chicken feed, and with rats and mice comes more ticks!

Spiders and ants will eat ticks, but they don't actively seek them out like the guinea hen does.  (More info... )

Spiders and Ants

Pros: They are all around us.

Cons:  Ants can become invasive and they don't make a huge dent in the tick population

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