The tick kit is a must have for the car, house, family hikes, or a simple stroll through the park.  The AtlanTick Tick Kit comes packed with everything you'll need to identify and safely remove embedded ticks, store the specimen for further investigation, and care for the bite site.


Each AtlanTick Tick Kit contains: a magnifying glass, a pair of pointed tweezers, Tick Scoop remover keychain or Tick Pick (depending on availability), bandaids, alcohol swabs, a pair of latex gloves, a tick id card, a vial to put ticks in once removed, a sticky roller to capture less visible ticks, and a bonus 10ml sample bottle of our popular AtlanTick Outdoor Spray.


Tick Kit bag measures 6"x4".

Water Resistant Tick Kit® + bonus sample spray


    Mahone Bay, NS