Choose between our warm, earth-toned or cool, water-toned Ticklet, in child (beaded length 15cm) or adult sizing (beaded length 19cm). Each Ticklet is adjustable so you can customize it for a perfect fit.

Lava stone is a particularly porous volcanic rock, whose cavities are formed by gasses squeezed through magma as it extrudes from the earth. Due to its' porous state, lava stone is great at holding liquid, and in the case of our Ticklet line, is well suited to absorb AtlanTick Outdoor Spray. As before, we've carefully selected extremely porous lava beads to allow for maximum spray absorption, and therefore the longest lasting scent retention.

Product testing has shown that our lava stone Ticklets, sprayed with AtlanTick Outdoor Spray, effectively maintain the scent for up to two days. 


Free shipping available when purchased/shipped alone.

Pair of Ticklets (bracelet/anklets)


    Mahone Bay, NS