Wanted: A Government that will take Lyme seriously...

April 10, 2017


This morning my other son is off to get blood tests done to see if he has Lyme, like his brother.  He has been exhibiting signs of swollen joints, first ankle and then knee.  However, it is so hard to figure out if it is just something he did during the day or if it might be more.  But, in light of recent events, I’m getting him tested to be safe.  



As a mom, it can be difficult to differentiate growing pains, activity injury, a flu, from something more serious.  The symptoms are so diverse for Lyme and difficult to know until it gets bad and is consistent.  The earlier we catch it the better, but that’s sometimes easier said than done.


When I took my son to the emerg about his mysterious swollen ankle (same first sign my oldest son had) I had to insist (and I mean insist) on letting them give me a requisition for a Lyme blood test.  It was a young doctor, so in fairness, he probably doesn’t have much experience with Lyme and their symptoms, but this seems to be a bit of a trend here.  Perhaps that is a lesson for everyone out there, especially if you live in an area where ticks are prevalent; if you suspect, then get tested.  No harm done and better safe than sorry.  


We need to start insisting that here, in Nova Scotia, and Canada in general, we need more test sites!!  Currently we only one in Manitoba (and they test once a month). Lyme disease and other diseases that ticks carry are very serious (I feel like a broken record sometimes) but it needs to be said and repeated.  The stories that have been pouring in of other people's experiences of Lyme is disturbing to say the least.  And the most disturbing part is how people who exhibit signs are often not taken seriously and, therefore, late diagnosed or misdiagnosed with “the flu” or “growing pains” etc.  If left too long, Lyme disease will start to take over and then you are left dealing with very serious implications, neurological, physical or both.  


In the meantime, here is hoping my youngest is just exhibiting signs of growing pains, etc.  Fingers crossed.






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