Lemongrass and your dog

February 17, 2018


Lemongrass essential oil and your dog

What you need to know:


As our scientific studies are successfully wrapping up at Acadia University with positive efficacy results, we want to address concerns about using essential oils on dogs.  Specifically, Lemongrass essential oil.  


Essential oilswhether being used in dogs or humans, should never be used without being diluted first.  The proper dilution is important when looking for the right combination of efficacy and safety.  


This means, if you have a bottle of lemongrass essential oil kicking around the house it is important to know that pure essential oils directly applied to the skin/fur can cause rashes and skin irritation.  Essential oils need to be properly diluted to be safe, and the tricky part is getting the dilution concentration correct so it still remains effective and, at the same time, doesn’t hurt yours and your dogs skin.  


Dogs are more sensitive to essential oils than humans.  If you have a dog that is particularly sensitive to smells, try using a Pup Pendant® to help with deterring ticks.  It avoids being directly applied to your dog and still gives off the scent without being invasive to your dogs skin and nose.


 Avoid using essential oils on puppies under 10 weeks.  

Puppies attract ticks too, but keep them out of the woods and areas that are known to have ticks until you can properly immunize them or use deterrent sprays on them.


Ticks are a very real health threat to both people and pets. Make sure you do what you can to avoid them in order to remain healthy and safe.  And always do your tick checks!


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